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Moving strikes fear into the hearts of many, but none more so than the warehouse or factory owner. The relocation of potentially thousands of stock items is a daunting task that causes countless downtime for your business. Live in fear no longer: a warehouse mezzanine can save the day.

Seriously. Moving your warehouse’s location is a huge hassle that can easily be avoided.  We have compiled the top reasons why someone thinks they have to move, and explained why a mezzanine is better!

Running out of workspace

We all agree that being more efficient is extremely important, but a lack of adequate workspace can make it nigh-on impossible to do. Warehouse mezzanines make the most out of your existing space. They will increase your warehouse capacity by unlocking the wasted space above your head – potentially doubling your floor space!

We’ve done the maths. Installing a mezzanine is up to 80% cheaper than moving premises! Not only this, but compared to moving premises a mezzanine provides the highest return possible on your investment.

Lack of warehouse storage

Is a lack of storage space impacting on your warehouse? Storage issues are often the biggest limiting factor to growth for our clients. However the answer is not to move! By installing a mezzanine in your existing location you can create a whole new floor to:

  • Hold new stock
  • Store old stock
  • Rotate stock

Having more storage in your warehouse leads to increased efficiency and production, allowing you to have a broader range of products on hand.

Not enough space for existing or new employees

You need more staff, or your existing staff are crammed into impractical spaces. This can be a major warehouse issue, and a big reason to consider moving.

Many people don’t realise that a mezzanine can be installed as an office. By maximising the available floor space, mezzanine offices are a cost-effective way to make the most of your current warehouse.

Generally, there are three different types of mezzanine offices:

  • Mezzanine office above storage area
  • Office under raised storage area
  • Two-storey mezzanine office

So there you have it.  Don’t move, mezzanine! Still not convinced? Well find out ‘How to get more space with a mezzanine’.


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