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We recently had a chance to sit down and have a chat with two of our past clients regarding their recent experience with Central Storage Systems. We were pleased (but unsurprised) to hear that they were extremely happy with their mezzanine storage systems, and that their mezzanines were providing their businesses with the perfect storage solution. We took this chance to ask them to reflect on the process they went through before, after and during the installation of their mezzanine.

Q. How did you know you needed more warehouse storage space?

Daniel from Benton’s: We’d already installed a warehouse mezzanine in the past, however the business continued to expand and we required even more storage space. Our Keilor store branch recommended CSS to us, and although we initially wanted to extend our existing mezzanine system, CSS recommended building a completely new one to avoid any complications.

Shane from Windscreen City: Our business had already had the warehouse extended, and after running out of floor space we knew we needed to go up. It was important to us that we didn’t have to leave our existing location, and installing a warehouse mezzanine allowed us to stay.

Q. What were your biggest concerns with installing a mezzanine?

Daniel from Benton’s: Mainly I was worried that the process would be long and drawn out, and that my team would have a lot of downtime. Luckily with CSS this wasn’t an issue, and they were able to install the mezzanine around existing stock and the team.

Shane from Windscreen City: My biggest concern was that there wouldn’t be a mezzanine, or any structure, that could support the weight of my stock. I was really worried that any mezzanine that was installed would fall down once loaded with stock.  Ultimately, I doubted the engineering and didn’t have much confidence in the weight bearing capacity of a mezzanine. However, CSS assured me they could make one to suit the warehouse and stock.

Q. How long did mezzanine installation take from start to finish?

Daniel from Benton’s: I was really surprised with how quick and easy the process was. The CSS team installed the mezzanine in less than one week and even worked over the weekend to ensure the project was completed on time. It was great that the mezzanine process was looked after from initial design to installation.

Shane from Windscreen City: The installation of our warehouse mezzanine took about 10 days. The CSS crew worked around our team and we were able to operate the business as normal. The best part was the fuss-free, no hassle approach the CSS team had with installing the mezzanine system.

Q. What was the easiest thing about your mezzanine installation?

Daniel from Benton’s: CSS designed the mezzanine to suit our warehouse and built the beams around existing shelving that couldn’t be moved. They also incorporated a set of stairs leading into a different room, so we could just have one staircase.The most impressive aspect was that there was no downtime and we could work as normal, and surprisingly we didn’t even have to move any stock.

Shane from Windscreen City: We hardly had to shift anything from underneath the mezzanine. I was very impressed that the CSS team worked late nights to get the job finished. From the start, everything was explained step-by-step and was kept very simple.

Q. Why did you choose CSS?

Daniel from Benton’s: From the start the process was explained thoroughly and a full solution was provided to suit what I wanted. Ultimately CSS gave the right solution at the right price.

Shane from Windscreen City: CSS had already supplied pallet racking for us, so they were the first and only company we went to because I knew they would provide an end-to-end fit out.

We have busted Shane and Daniel’s mezzanine miconceptions!

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