Heighton Mezzanines

Most of us know the great impacts a mezzanine floor can provide in a warehouse. They’re great for storage and create more space in our factories. But one benefit that often slips between the lines is using mezzanines to create office spaces within a warehouse.

In many factory yards you’ll find the office attached to the side of the building or (worse) in a portable office container in one of the corners, away from the every day happenings of the warehouse and processes.

Having your office within the factory puts you in the heart of the business, whilst adding value to the warehouse without having to invest in any major structural changes.

If you already have an office inside the warehouse a mezzanine platform can be built above for another office or to create more storage. You can also have an office upstairs on a mezzanine floor and use the space underneath for storage. Both can provide more space than what you would get from a regular office.

The images below are all examples of office spaces that have been created within factory space. As you can see there are many different options available to suit your warehouse and type of space.


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