Heighton Mezzanines

With over 100-mezzanine floor installations completed every year; at Heighton Mezzanines we pride ourselves on being the experts in warehouse mezzanine storage solutions. We believe our Australian made and manufactured flooring systems are second to none on both price and quality. We design, manufacture and install a variety of different mezzanines to suit all types of businesses every year.  So, you can rest easy knowing that your warehouse mezzanine will be custom-built to suit your needs.  From providing end-to-end fit outs, to taking care of the legalities, read on to find out about our hassle free approach to the mezzanine installation process.

End-to-end Fit Outs

You should never feel confused during the mezzanine installation process. To achieve this we take care of the whole process as your one point of contact, eliminating the need for multiple contractors.  For our clients this means that the installation is fully orchestrated and organized through one business, which eliminates the confusion of who to contact and when.

When it comes to mezzanine installations, our team has a superior level of expertise. With years of experience and a high level of training, our knowledge on space optimization will leave you with the perfect storage solution.  The benefit to our clients is that they do not have to worry about the mezzanine installation process; instead they can continue to focus on what’s most important – their business.  To achieve this outcome, we work closely with our clients from initial consultation, throughout the design, and the installation process to install a mezzanine that is perfect for your business the first time round.

During your consultation we examine your previous practices and day-to-day operations. Analyzing these allows us to breakdown your current approach and find a way to maximize your business’s efficiency through the means of additional warehouse storage. During installation we understand that your business still needs to operate and cannot afford downtime. Therefore we install our mezzanines with minimal disruption to your workflow, and will even work around your business hours

Right Solution at The Right Price

Due to the fact that we manufacturer mezzanines, we are able to provide your business with the most economical solution to achieve your storage needs.  For our clients, eliminating the ‘middle man’ means that the savings are passed onto your business. When helping you decide which storage solution is the best for your space, we examine both your needs and your budget. We understand that price is a large priority when implementing the warehouse mezzanine, and we will ensure installation occurs in the most cost effective way to fit within you budget. Providing you with a solution that allows your daily operations to attain optimal results.

Legalities and Engineering

Often when one is considering a mezzanine floor, they can become confused or concerned by the jargon around building permits and regulations.  At CSS we break down the jargon so that you are able to comprehend 100% what your requirements are as a client, and what our obligations are as an installation and manufacturing team.  However, permits are not always necessary. If one is required, our team will take care of the whole process for you.  This provides you with peace of mind throughout the entire mezzanine floor process.

After Sales Service

You can be assured that CSS will be here for the long haul. We have a strong project management team that will ensure your installation runs efficiently and effectively. Our back up service is second to none and we will personally commission your installation with the necessity safety load signage required to operate legally. If for some reason something goes wrong with your mezzanine or you need something altered after installation, we are more than happy to assist.

Today many companies operate their warehouses and storage facilities with outdated, inefficient techniques. To this end, we strive to find the best design for your needs allowing us to create the optimal solution for you.

Still think a warehouse mezzanine isn’t for you? We have debunked the most common mezzanine myths, click below to find out more.


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